Very Easy Puzzles

  • Movies Night

    Four boys are at home to watch some movies. Can you discover the characteristic of each one?

Easy Puzzles

Medium Puzzles

  • Pool Party

    Which swimsuit each girl is wearning? Solve this problem to discover it.

  • Dogs for Adoption

    Five dogs are being adopted by five men. Which dog is each one adopting?

  • Bike Riding

    Five friends are riding theirs bikes around town. Find which bike each one is riding.

  • Hardware Store

    Five men are buying tools at a hardware store. Can find out which tools are they buying?

  • Secret Santa

    Five employees are together at their company secret santa. It is up to you discover which gift each one got.

  • Einstein's Riddle

    Supposedly, Einstein created this riddle in the 20th century and said that 98% of the world's population could not solve it. Can you find the solution of the "Einstein's Riddle"?

  • RPG Campaign

    Five boys are playing a RPG game. Find out which player is playing as an Elf.

  • Cryptocoins Mania

    Five friends are talking about the cryptocoins they have. Can you guess the amount of coins and which coins they own?

  • Gas Station

    Five different cars are at gas station. Which car has filled up more gasoline?

  • Electronic Festival

    Five famous DJs are going to play in an electronic music festival. Which stage each one is going to play?

  • UN Delegates

    Five delegates are together in a meeting at the United Nations. Each one has an important concern to talk about.

  • Extreme Sports

    Five friends are talking about each one's favorite exetreme sport. Figure out which extreme sport they pratice and who inspired them to join these sports.

  • Painting Class

    Five students are in a painting class. Figure out what each one is paiting.

  • Dart Game

    Five friends are playing darts at a local pub. Try to find out who won the game and what they are eating.

  • Bring Your Own Device

    Five students are using their laptops to play games in the classroom. Find out which game each student is playing.

Hard Puzzles

  • Travel Agency

    Five women are booking a travel in a travel agency. Can you find out which country each one is going to visit?

  • Fundraising Dinner

    Five women are participating in a fundraising dinner. Can you figure out how much each one donated?

  • Meeting Room

    Five bosses are together in an important meeting, so you must solve this problem without disturbing them.

Learn how to play

  • Basic 3

    This basic zebra puzzle is harder than the other ones.

  • Basic 2

    A very easy zebra puzzle with three houses and six clues.

  • Basic 1

    Basic zebra puzzle with only three houses.


Learn how to play

Solve these little problems and learn the basics so you can play more difficult ones.

Printable Zebra Puzzles

Visit our Printable Zebra Puzzles page to download a PDF version of any of these puzzles. Each puzzle has also a link to download their printable version.