Very Easy Puzzles

  • Movies Night

    Four boys are at home to watch some movies. Can you discover the characteristic of each one?

Easy Puzzles

Medium Puzzles

  • Gas Station

    Five different cars are at gas station. Which car has filled up more gasoline?

  • Einstein's Riddle

    Supposedly, Einstein created this riddle and said that 98% of the world could not solve it. Can you solve it?

  • Bike Riding

    Five friends are riding theirs bikes around town. Find which bike each one is riding.

  • Pool Party

    Which swimsuit each girl is wearning? Solve this problem to discover it.

  • Hardware Store

    Five men are buying tools at a hardware store. Can find out which tools are they buying?

Hard Puzzles

  • Meeting Room

    Five bosses are together in an important meeting, so you must solve this problem without disturbing them.

  • Travel Agency

    Five women are booking a travel in a travel agency. Can you find out which country each one is going to visit?

Learn how to play

  • Basic 1

    Basic zebra puzzle with only three houses.

  • Basic 2

    A very easy zebra puzzle with three houses and six clues.

  • Basic 3

    This basic zebra puzzle is harder than the other ones.


Learn how to play

Solve these little problems and learn the basics so you can play more difficult ones.