Very Easy Puzzles

  • Artistic Choices

    Find out the artistic choices of three artists in this art-themed logic puzzle.

  • Autumn Activities

    It is autumn, the leaves are falling and friends are doing fun activities. It is up to you to determine who did what activity and how long it took them.

  • Kids Competitions

    Kids at a school are discussing their favorite competitions and venues. Can you determine which competition and venue each prefers?

  • Superheroes

    What is each kid's favorite hero?

Easy Puzzles

  • Apples to Apples

    Four girls helped their grandpa collect apples. How many apples are in the green basket?

  • Bed Time new

    Four kids go to bed at different times. Find out when Larry goes to bed.

  • Comic Book Duplicates new

    Figure out which duplicate comic books Alex decided to sell.

  • Electric Vehicles

    Four electric cars are being charged in a charging station. How much has each car charged?

  • Grocery Shopping new

    Figure out how much each woman spent in the supermarket.

  • Kart Racing

    Four friends are racing against each other. Who finished in first?

  • Musical Instruments

    Can you find out which girl is learning about the ukulele?

  • Thanksgiving Dinner featured

    Which food are the boys looking forward to eating at Thanksgiving dinner?

Medium Puzzles

  • Agility Competition

    Which is the breed of the dog named Thor?

  • Aircrafts of World War II

    During World War II, the belligerent nations deployed their best aircrafts. Find out which is the ID number of the German aircraft.

  • Ancient Gods

    The Greek and Roman gods were basically the same, they just had different names. Try to figure out which Greek god was the god of poetry.

  • Archaeology in Egypt

    Four professors from the Miskatonic University are leading an important expedition. Figure out the information about their discoveries.

  • Bachelor Binge featured

    Find out which bachelor hosted the group each night and what food he selected.

  • Beach Umbrellas

    It is time for a sunbath at the beach! Try to find out which family brought the yellow umbrella to the beach.

  • Beer Mugs

    Franklin went on a trip to Germany, and bought some mugs. Find out which size is the mug he bought in Dortmund.

  • Bowling Night

    Four friends had a good time playing a match of bowling. can you find out how many points each one scored?

  • Carnival of Venice

    Four tourists rented their carnival costume in a "sestiere" of Venice. Which costume was rented in San Polo?

  • Car Wash

    Four friends bought tickets to wash their old cars. What color is Brian's car?

  • Dinosaurs

    Find out the details about some dinosaurs.

  • Gas Station

    Four drivers are filling their cars at a gas station. Can you find out how many gallons were filled by pump number 4?

  • Jogging in the Park

    Four people crossed a park while jogging. Find out which suit Logan was wearing.

  • Lucky Stones

    Can you find out who is wearing a hematite stone to improve their luck?

  • Magic Cube

    Figure out who was the fastest speedcuber of 2013.

  • Native Indians

    Can you find out where each tribe in the logic grid lived?

  • New Wonders of the World

    Four women traveled individually to see some of the New Wonders of the World. Figure out which wonder they visited.

  • Painting Walls

    Four painters painted four rooms. Try to find out who used the 10" roller.

  • Professional Drivers

    Four professional drivers tested some cars on a new track. Which was the fastest car?

  • Risk Game

    Four friends played Risk together. Try to figure out who conquered more territories.

  • School of Magic

    Four Houses in a school of magic held their contest. Which house did the best?

  • Youtubers

    Between four youtubers, which one has the channel with more subscribers?

Hard Puzzles

  • Above the Summits

    Four explorers climbed different mountains in different years. Which mountain did Nicholas climb?

  • A Kind of Magic

    Four great magicians and assistants perform their wonderful show. Which assistant disappeared?

  • Bike Riders

    Four bikers are riding their bikes and wearing different helmets. Who is riding the Aprily bike?

  • Borrowed Books

    Four children borrowed a book from the library. Which one got the largest one?

  • Camp Marble featured

    What color are the marbles of each girl?

  • Cat Breeds

    What is the favorite food of each cat?

  • Computer Alert

    New computer viruses have been neutralized! Which was the last virus to be neutralized?

  • Easter Eggs

    Four kids received their Easter egg. Who found a puzzle in it?

  • Emperors of Japan

    Find where the Japanese emperors lived.

  • Fishing Clash

    Lake Guntersville is hosting a fishing clash. Which fish will be rewarded with the first price?

  • Flight Schedules

    There are four travelers waiting for their flights at the airport. Who will be the first to depart?

  • Funny Rides

    The funfair is in town this week. Try to find out when each kid went to his favorite ride.

  • Game Convention

    Which was the best selling game genre at the game convention?

  • Historic Currencies

    Four European countries adopted the euro in different years. Try to figure out which conversion rate was used by each country.

  • Home Run

    Four baseball players played on different teams last season but are now playing together. Find out which was their previous team.

  • Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids

    Four kids were presented with jigsaw puzzles with different sizes and subjects. Try to find out which puzzle they received.

  • Karate Kids

    Four kids enrolled in a karate tournament. Which kid is the youngest?

  • Laundry Time

    Four friends just washed their clothes. Follow the clues to discover which friend washed the white clothes.

  • Matryoshka Dolls

    Four ethnic dolls are nested inside each other. Which doll is the tiniest?

  • Monopoly

    Four friends are playing Monopoly. Try to figure out which pawn each one is playing with and which contract each one owns.

  • National Flags

    Four countries adopted a new flag in the XX century. Which country got a new flag in 1971?

  • Nobel Prizes

    In 2009, four women were awarded with the Nobel Prizes for their studies.

  • Online Shopping

    Four people bought stuff from different websites. Figure out what each one purchased.

  • Paperkids on the Road featured

    Four kids rode their bikes to deliver newspapers. Figure out how many newspapers each kid delivered.

  • Pirates and Parrots

    Four pirates hid their loot on different islands after they retired. Who hid the biggest loot?

  • Recycling Days

    Every morning it's recycling time. Figure out what is the color of the truck that collects batteries.

  • Samba Schools

    Four samba schools paraded their show at the sambadrome during Carnaval in Brazil. Which school had the largest amount of dancers?

  • Shoes Shopping

    Four teenagers went to buy shoes. Which size are the shoes that cost $50?

  • Soccer Scout

    Four young soccer players are transferring from Brazil to Italy. What is the position of the youngest player?

  • Superheroes Origins

    In which year did these superheroes first appear in comics?

  • Sushi Challenge

    Some friends challenged each other in a sushi contest. Who ate more sushi?

  • Swimming Pool

    Which swimming style is the Canadian practicing in this challenging logic puzzle?

  • To Infinity and Beyond

    We sent probes to space to "visit" our neighbor planets and take a look at their moons. Which planet has more moons?

  • Tooth Brushing

    Four sisters are lined up to brush their teeth. Which toothpaste is on the green toothbrush?

  • Torchbearers

    Every 4 years someone has the honor to light the Olympic torch in the Olympic Games. Find out who did that in the 2000 Summer Olympic Games.

  • Traveling Translators

    Four translators are visiting different countries. Find out who is visiting Spain.

  • Valentine's Day

    Four couples watched a movie on Valentine's Day. Which theater was the Musical projected in?

Very Hard Puzzles

  • A Choice of University

    Four students from abroad chose to study in universities from the UK. Figure out where each student is going to study.

  • Art Contest

    Figure out which techniques and tools the artists used on their arts.

  • At the Zoo

    Four kids went to the zoo to see their favorite animal. Find out which are their favorite animals.

  • BookCrossing

    Four people went BookCrossing. Can you determine where each book was dropped/found?

  • Chess Tournament

    Figure out which opening the chess players used in each game.

  • Circus Animals

    It is the opening night in a famous circus and four artists are performing simultaneously. Figure out who is the snake tamer.

  • Dracula and Friends featured

    Try to figure out what each vampire feared the most in this logic puzzle.

  • Game Show

    Four competitors won different prizes on different days on a TV game show. Who won the biggest prize?

  • Kaiju featured

    Giant monsters are menacing cities all over the world. Which city is the biggest monster destroying?

  • Knights and Dragons

    Four brave knights defeated four evil dragons. Where did Sir Gervais win his battle?

  • Palio di Siena

    Palio di Siena is a horse race held twice each year in Siena, Italy. Figure out which rider rode each horse.

  • Skateboard Tricks

    Make way for the skaters because they are learning new cool tricks.

  • The Chattanooga Choo Choo

    The newest, fastest, coal-powered Chattanooga Choo Choo is coming to town. What is in the 4th car?

  • Trick or Treat

    Four kids collected some candies on Halloween. Which kid got more candies?

  • Video Rental

    Some movies have been rented and returned. Can you find out which movie each person rented?

  • Wedding Planning

    Four couples are going to marry after years of engagement. Figure out who will be Ofelia's husband.

  • Wild West Outlaws

    Four outlaws preyed on the American Old West. Can you find out who was captured in South America?

Learn how to play

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  • Basic 2

    You will probably find this puzzle as easy as the first basic one.

  • Basic 3

    This logic problem will require nearly two minutes to be solved.

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