How to play

  • Choose a game type:
    • Clues and Mix: Each word has its own clue;
    • One Clue: There is only one clue for all the words;
    • Two Clues: Each word has two clues.
  • Select two letters (from the same word or different words) to swap their positions;
  • If a letter becomes green, it means that letter is in the correct position in its word. Thus, that letter cannot be swapped anymore;
  • Follow the given clues and swap the letters until you find out which are all the scrambled words.


  • A good way to start is by trying to find out the correct position of the given vowels, specially the letters "e", "a" and "o", because they appear more often in the English words;
  • Remember that usually a vowel comes between two consonants;
  • A lot of words have digraphs (two letters that make one sound) like "th", "sh", "ch", "ck", "wh", "ai", "oo", "ey", and others. So, if you find the correct place of one letter that can be in a digraph, try to find out if this letter is in a digraph.