How to play

  • Follow the clues to create the words;
  • Click on a letter and start dragging over the surrounded letters to create a path between them, which may result in a valid word;
  • The display above the letters shows the words being created;
  • Click in a letter outside the path if you want to create a new path or remove the old one;
  • The two circles in the path can be used to adjust both the begin and the end of the current word;
  • After finding a lost word, its letters are removed from the game;
  • The game ends when you find all the words.


  • Read carefully all the clues before starting. Finding the easier words first will make the difficult ones looking not so difficulty;
  • Sometimes a word can be created using different paths but only one is accepted by the game.

The Cognitive Benefits of Playing Lost Words

Lost Words is more than just a fun and engaging word game; it also offers a range of cognitive benefits. The game challenges players to connect letters based on clues, thereby engaging various mental faculties. Here's a look at some of the cognitive benefits you can gain from playing Lost Words:

Playing Lost Words offers more than just entertainment; it provides a mental workout that can help improve vocabulary, problem-solving skills, memory, focus, and strategic thinking.