How to play

  • Select a puzzle to play. Each puzzle can only be solved using the given number of moves;
  • After each move, the computer (AI) will play its best move;
  • You win when you force a checkmate;
  • You lose when you run out of moves, receive a checkmate or there is a stalemate;
  • If you get stuck, you can use the "Hint!" button. This will give you the best move that can be done at the moment. The button is disabled for some seconds before you can use it again;
  • Use the "undo" button to undo your last move.


  • You will probably have a hard time trying to solve all the daily puzzles, specially the ones that require more than 4 moves to win;
  • Playing those chess problems will help you develop strategic thinking, because you always have to think in advance before each move;
  • This is a great chess game for both children and adults, and the only knowledge you must have to play this game is the chess rules.


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