• Daily Fun Hangman Game

    An easy kind of Hangman where you have to guess three words related to a clue.

  • Hard Hangman Game

    In this variation the words are from a special list where they are considered hard to be guessed in a Hangman game.

How to play

  • The clue for this hidden word is "Ivy League";
  • Each dash represents a letter (in the exact position) from the word;
  • Try to guess the word by choosing the letters:
    • A correct choice will reveal the selected letter in the word;
  • You can make only five mistakes. One more mistake and you lose the game;
  • You win when you uncover the hidden word;
  • There is no time limit.

About the game

Usually this word guessing game is played by two or more people using paper and pencil. It starts with some player choosing a word or sentence (that will be represented by a row of dashes) and the others having to guess it by saying letters. They have to find out the hidden word before reaching the determined numbers of mistakes. After each mistake, the stick figure becomes more completed.

Visit the Wikipedia page to see more information about the Hangman Game.

Thematic Hangman Game

Choose a thematic Hangman Game to play. There is a different word every time you play.