How to play

  • The player holding the highest double starts the game;
  • On your turn, play a domino that matches the number of dots on one of the open dominoes on the board;
  • Win a round by running out of dominoes first;
  • The round winner scores points equal to the total remaining dots in the other players' hand;
  • The game ends after you score one of the following points:
    • All Fives: 150 points;
    • Block: 100 points;
    • Classic: 100 points.



Choose between three types of domino games: All Fives, Block or Classic.


You can play against one, two or three computer players. You can also play a 2vs2 game, where you team up with one computer player.


It is possible to choose between two difficulties: normal or hard.

Types of Domino Game


When a player can't play any dominoes, he is blocked and the turn passes to the next player. The round ends when one player wins by playing their last tile, or when the game is blocked (neither player can play). The winner in this case is the player who has the lowest pip count.


Also known as Draw game, this is a variant of the Block game. When a player can't play any dominoes, he draws dominoes until he can. If there are none to draw, that player is blocked and the turn passes to the next player.

All Fives

Also known as Muggins, this is a variant of the Draw game. After playing a domino, count the number of dots on the two, three or four ends of the board. If this total is a multiple of five, score that many points. Additionally, the first double played in a round is called the "Spinner" and can be played on from its all four ends.

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