Triple Klondike

Game info

  • Decks: 3 decks (156 cards);
  • Redeals: Unlimited;
  • Difficulty level: Very easy (turn one) and Medium (turn three);
  • Game time: Long;
  • You must have: Skill and Luck;


Move all the 156 cards, from Ace to King, to the Foundations.

The game

There are twelve Foundation piles (top right), thirteen Tableau piles (below foundations), one Stock (top left) and one Waste (next to Stock).


You can move any groups of cards if they are in sequence down by alternate color.

  • Build up in suit from Ace to King;
  • The top card may be used.
  • Build down in alternating colors;
  • Empty spaces in the tableau may be filled with a King or a pile starting with a King.
  • Click to turn one or three cards from the Stock to the Waste;
  • Unlimited redeals are permitted.
  • The top card may be used.


Turn One

Turn Three


Triple Klondike is a variation of the classic solitaire game Klondike and it was created by Thomas Warfield. The difference between these two games is the number of decks. Triple Klondike, as the name suggests, needs three decks to be played.

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