How to play

  • Start the game by choosing a board. You can select one or play a random one;
  • Remove the tiles from the board by matching identical free tiles;
  • A tile is considered "free" when it is unblocked (left and right sides) and uncovered;
  • The game ends when all tiles are removed or when there are no uncovered pairs remaining;
  • Use the "hint" button (or press "T") to get a suggestion of a pair to be removed;
  • Click on the "gear" (or press "S") to open the settings. There you can select a different set of tiles and a different background.


This awesome Mahjong game was created by ffalt and it is licensed under the MIT License.

Game difficult

The game difficult in this game is influenced by two variables: board formation and tiles style.


The number of free pieces is directly affect by the board layout, so less free tiles (at any moment in the game) implies in a harder game. Here are some examples of boards formations grouped by difficult:

  • Easy: Turtle, Arena, and Boar;
  • Medium: Dragon, Bridge, and Fire;
  • Hard: Hourglass, Rooster, and Tiger.


Playing with traditional tiles also makes the game more challenging. Take a look at these tiles sets grouped by difficult:

  • Easy: Fruits, Picasso, and Modern;
  • Medium: Classic;
  • Hard: Riichi, Uni and Recri.

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