Tri Peaks

Game info

  • Decks: 1 deck (52 cards);
  • Redeals: None;
  • Difficulty level: Easy;
  • Game time: Short;
  • You must have: Skill/Luck;


Move all the cards from the three Peaks to the Waste.

The game

There are one Stock (bottom left, face down), one Waste (next to Stock) and the three Peaks (top).

  • Click on one exposed card to move it to the Waste. This card must be one rank up or down in sequence from the Waste;
  • An Ace can be moved onto a King, and a King can be moved onto an Ace;
  • The suits are not important in this game.
  • Click to turn one card from the Stock to the Waste;
  • There are no redeals.
  • The top card may be used;
  • Each card can be used only one time.
  • Only uncovered cards are available for play;


There are two variations: Tri Peaks with Haze and Tri Peaks Clean Sky.

Tri Peaks with Haze

Tri Peaks Clean Sky


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