How to play

  • Use the given letters to create words. Proper nouns, slangs and abbreviations are not allowed;
  • Click on a letter to add it to the new word. Click again to remove it from the word;
  • Click on the red button to remove all the letters from the word;
  • Shuffle the given letters by clicking on the shuffle button;
  • Each small square bellow the shuffle button represents a letter, and each block of letters is a word that must be found. These words are grouped by size and arranged alphabetically;
  • The game ends when you find all the hidden words.


  • If it is possible, try to form the plural of the words you already have created;
  • The hidden words are grouped by size and arranged alphabetically so this might help you find an unknown word that is between two words you already have found;
  • If you get stuck, try to use the shuffle button. Mixing the letters may help you create a new word;
  • All the words come from a North American word list used in well-known word games, therefore it will not be easy to find all the hidden words.