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Game info

  • Decks: 1 deck (52 cards);
  • Difficulty level: Easy;
  • Game time: Medium;
  • You must have: Skill;


Move all the cards, from Ace to King, to the Foundations.

The game

There are four Foundation piles (top right), four cells (top left) and eight Tableau piles (middle).

  • You can move a single card or a group of cards if they are in sequence down by alternate color;
  • Free cells (and free piles) are used to move a group of cards. So you must have enough free cells to move a group of cards.
  • Build up in suit from Ace to King;
  • The top card may be moved.
  • Cells can only contain one card;
  • It is to be used as a temporary storage.
  • Build down in alternating colors;
  • The top card may be moved;
  • Empty spaces in the tableau may be filled with any card or card sequence.



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