How to play

  • Click on a letter from the keyboard to select it and check if that letter is in the secret word. After that, you must analyze its background color:
    • If it is white, then the letter is not in the secret word;
    • If it is yellow, then the letter is in the word but it is in the wrong place;
    • If it is green, then the letter is in the secret word and it is in the right place.
  • You have 7 guesses to discover which is the secret word;
  • In each guess you have to select a specific number of letters;
  • The objective is to find out each secret word using few guesses;
  • The game ends if you find the secret word or run out of guesses.


  • Start by checking if the most common English letters ("etaoi") are in the word;
  • Another good strategy is to find first which letters are in the word then figure out its correct positions.

More info

  • The secret words are made of unique letters;
  • There aren't proper nouns, slangs or abbreviations;
  • This games is a kind of mix between the games Word Master and Hangman.

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