• Shirt
  • Name
  • Interest
  • Duration
  • Age
  • Drink
Friend #1 #1
Friend #2 #2
Friend #3 #3
Friend #4 #4
Friend #5 #5
  • The guy wearing the Yellow shirt wants a 15 day trip.
  • Brandon is at the fourth position.
  • The 26-year-old friend wants to spend 1 month traveling.
  • The man wearing the Black shirt is somewhere between the oldest man and the man drinking Juice, in that order.
  • At the fifth position is the friend drinking Soft drink.
  • Hector is drinking Tea.
  • The guy wearing the White shirt wants a 25 day trip.
  • At the first position is the friend who wants to visit fashionable European cities.
  • The guy interested in Foods is somewhere between the guy interested in Fashion and the guy interested in Beaches, in that order.
  • Miguel is exactly to the left of the the friend drinking Tea.
  • The man interested to visit coastal cities wants to spend 15 days traveling.
  • At the fourth position is the guy who wants to travel to cities with lots of Museums.
  • Vincent is 25 years old.
  • The friend wearing the Blue shirt is exactly to the right of the youngest friend.
  • The man wearing the Blue shirt is drinking Juice.
  • The guy drinking Soft drink is exactly to the right of the guy that wants to stay only 10 days in Europe.
  • Vincent wants to travel for 20 days.
  • At one of the ends is the friend wearing the Green shirt.
  • The man interested in Museums is somewhere between the man interested in Foods and the man interested in Parties, in that order.
  • In the middle is the friend drinking Water.

How to play

  • Start by reading all the clues;
  • Find all the "basic" clues and mark them. The most basic clue is the one that states that something is in a determined house/position. Example:
    • The German lives in house three.
  • Sometimes you are going to need to deduce some information using two or more clues;
  • All the clues must be used;
  • The game ends when all the clues are correctly checked and everything is filled.

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Need help?

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