How to play

  • Try to locate all the hidden words inside the grid above;
  • Look for words that contains the letters 'J', 'Q' or 'Z'. These letters are uncommon so it is easier to find them in the grid;
  • Get a hint by clicking on a word. The first letter of the selected word will be highlighted.

Words are hidden...

  • Easy: across and down, with no backwards;
  • Medium: across, down, and diagonally, with no backwards;
  • Hard: across, down, and diagonally, with backwards.

More Word Search

  • Daily Word Search: Play daily word search games with words mixed from different categories;
  • One-Clue: Given one clue, can you find all the related hidden words?
  • One-Word: There is only one word hidden in the grid. Can you find it?
  • Thematic Word Search: Each word search has a thematic list of words.


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