How to play

  • Combine groups of letters to create words;
  • Each clue has one word associated with it;
  • "N letters" shows how many letters each answer has;
  • There is no time limit;
  • You can answer in any order.

More Broken Words

Visit our Broken Words page to play more variations of this game.

Cognitive Benefits of Broken Words

Broken Words aids in mental development and skill enhancement. One advantage is the improvement of linguistic skills. Players expand their vocabulary, gain a better understanding of words and sentence structures, and strengthen linguistic memory.

The game also improves memory and concentration. Recalling the correct word based on clues requires working memory. Maintaining focus and concentration on the task is also needed. These activities can enhance information retention and attention to detail.

Broken Words in Education

The game serves as a good educational tool by providing an engaging way to learn new vocabulary. Children can particularly benefit as they are likely to retain words and concepts learned in a playful manner. The game can also supplement formal language education.

Beyond vocabulary, the game teaches grammar and spelling. Players become familiar with word structures and syllabic division rules, aiding in correct writing and language understanding.

The game also improves logical reasoning and contextual understanding. Clues help players grasp the meaning of words within a context, useful for text comprehension and communication. The problem-solving aspect is beneficial in areas like math and science.