Circle Puzzle

Circle Puzzle is about rearranging rotating circles to complete a range of picture puzzles.

Connect the Dots

Connect the dots under time pressure to reveal beautiful pictures.

Draggable Puzzle

Designed for children, this puzzle game involves moving pieces to fit into specific slots.

Find the Cat

Use auditory cues to locate mysteriously invisible cats.

Find the Pug

Test your observation skills by finding the pug hidden among a variety of dogs.

Guess Number

Identify a secret number between 1 and 1000 through successive guesses.

Match Doodle

This game challenges players to quickly identify and pair alike doodles to progress through levels.

Play Maze

Race against time through easy to hard mazes.

Quick Math

Test your math skills by arranging random numbers and operators to complete the equation.

Snakes and Ladders

This is a classic family board game where players dodge snakes and ascend ladders to win.

Spot the Differences

Challenge your attention to detail by finding hidden variances in similar pictures in Spot the Differences.