How to play

  • The riddle/item you have to answer is inside the white block;
  • The squares in the middle represent each letter from the answer;
  • Use the letters from the bottom to guess the answer;
  • If you made a mistake, click on the letter from the answer to remove it.

Need help? Use hints

If you are stuck, use one of the buttons from the bottom. Here is what they do:

  • Reveal Letter: Put a correct letter in the answer. You have to wait 5 seconds to use it again;
  • Remove Letters: Remove all the letters that are not used in the answer. Wait for 30 seconds to use it another time;
  • Right Arrow: Skip to the next riddle/item.

About Guess the Emojis

  • Each emoji express an idea, concept or emotion;
  • The order and the amount of the emojis can be relevant to solve the riddle;
  • Emoji icons supplied by EmojiOne.

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