Hangman variations

  • Daily Fun Hangman

    An easy kind of Hangman where you have to guess three words related to a clue.

  • Hard Hangman

    In this variation the words are from a special list where they are considered hard to be guessed in a Hangman game.

How to play

  • The clue for this hidden word is "Item of Clothing";
  • Each dash represents a letter (in the exact position) from the word;
  • Try to guess the word by choosing the letters:
    • A correct choice will reveal the selected letter in the word;
    • If you miss, a part of the body (head, torso, left arm, right arm, left leg and right leg) of the hangman will be added.
  • You can make only five mistakes. The sixth mistake is fatal;
  • You win when you uncover the hidden word;
  • There is no time limit.

Hangman by category

Choose one of the categories below to play Hangman with thematic words. There is a different word every time you play.

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