Daily Jigsaw - 02/02 - 12h

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How to play

  • Start by selecting the difficulty. Each difficulty has a specific number of pieces;
  • Select the kind of pieces you want to play with. "Square pieces" makes the game slightly more difficult than "Traditional Pieces";
  • If you want an easier game, select "show background image";
  • Move the pieces around trying to put them in the correct position. It is not possible to rotate them;
  • You can snap two or more pieces together even if they are not in the right position;
  • Don't worry if you cannot finish the game right now. Just keep the URL and keep playing from where you left;
  • The game ends when all pieces are in the right place.


The image below is how the completed puzzle should look like. If you want a challenge, disable the background image (when starting a new game) and refer to this image only if needed.

Daily Jigsaw - 02/02 - 12h

Benefits of Playing Jigsaw Puzzles Online

Playing jigsaw puzzles online is not only entertaining but also beneficial in various ways. Here are some of the key advantages:

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